Provided by: libcomedi-dev_0.8.1-5ubuntu6_amd64 bug


       comedi_get_cmd_src_mask - streaming input/output capabilities


       #include <comedilib.h>

       int  comedi_get_cmd_src_mask  (comedi_t  *  device,  unsigned  int subdevice, comedi_cmd *


       The command capabilities of the subdevice indicated by the parameters device and subdevice
       are  probed,  and  the results placed in the command structure pointed to by the parameter
       command.  The trigger source elements of the command structure are set to the  logical  OR
       value  of  possible  trigger  sources.  Other elements in the structure are undefined.  If
       sucessful, 0 is returned, otherwise -1.

                                         28 October 2007               COMEDI_GET_CMD_SRC_MASK(3)