Provided by: libcomedi-dev_0.8.1-5ubuntu6_amd64 bug


       comedi_get_hardcal_converter - get converter for hardware-calibrated subdevice


       #include <comedilib.h>

       int  comedi_get_hardcal_converter  (comedi_t  *dev,  unsigned subdevice, unsigned channel,
       unsigned   range,   enum   comedi_conversion_direction   direction,    comedi_polynomial_t




       comedi_get_hardcal_converter()  initializes  converter  so  it  can  be  passed  to either
       comedi_to_physical() or comedi_from_physical().  The result can be used  to  convert  data
       from  the  specified  subdevice,  channel,  and  range.  The direction parameter specifies
       whether converter will be passed to comedi_to_physical() or comedi_from_physical().

       This function initializes converter as  a  simple  linear  function  with  no  calibration
       information, appropriate for boards which do their gain/offset/nonlinearity corrections in
       hardware.  If your board needs calibration  to  be  performed  in  software  by  the  host
       computer, use comedi_get_softcal_converter() instead.  A subdevice will advertise the fact
       that it depends on a software calibration with the SDF_SOFT_CALIBRATED subdevice flag.

       The result of  this  function  will  only  depend  on  the  channel  parameter  if  either
       comedi_range_is_chan_specific()  or  comedi_maxdata_is_chan_specific()  is  true  for  the
       specified subdevice.


       Zero on success or -1 on failure.

                                         28 October 2007          COMEDI_GET_HARDCAL_CONVERTER(3)