Provided by: libcomedi-dev_0.8.1-5ubuntu6_amd64 bug


       comedi_strerror - return string describing Comedilib error code


       #include <comedilib.h>

       char * comedi_strerror (int errnum);


       When  a  Comedilib  function fails, it usually returns -1 or NULL, depending on the return
       type.  An internal library variable stores an error number, which can  be  retrieved  with
       comedi_errno().   This  error  number  can  be  converted  to a human-readable form by the
       functions comedi_perror() and comedi_strerror().

       These functions are intended to mimic the behavior of the  standard  C  library  functions
       perror(),  strerror(),  and errno.  In particular, Comedilib functions sometimes return an
       error that is generated inside the C library; the comedi error message in this case is the
       same as the C library.

       The  function  comedi_strerror()  returns  a  pointer to a character string describing the
       Comedilib error errnum.  The persistence of the returned pointer is undefined, and  should
       not  be trusted after the next Comedilib call.  An unrecognized error number will return a
       pointer to the string "undefined error", or similar.

                                         28 October 2007                       COMEDI_STRERROR(3)