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       diameter_tcp - Diameter transport over TCP.


       This  module  implements diameter transport over TCP using gen_tcp. It can be specified as
       the value of a transport_module option  to  diameter:add_transport/2  and  implements  the
       behaviour documented in diameter_transport(3erl).


       start({Type, Ref}, Svc, [Opt]) -> {ok, Pid, [LAddr]} | {error, Reason}


                 Type = connect | accept
                 Ref = reference()
                 Svc = #diameter_service{}
                 Opt = {raddr, ip_address()} | {rport, integer()} | term()
                 Pid = pid()
                 LAddr = ip_address()
                 Reason = term()

              The start function required by diameter_transport(3erl).

              The  only  diameter_tcp-specific  argument  is  the options list. Options raddr and
              rport specify the remote address and port for a connecting transport and not  valid
              for  a listening transport. Remaining options are any accepted by gen_tcp:connect/3
              for a connecting transport, or gen_tcp:listen/2 for a listening transport, with the
              exception  of  binary,  packet and active. Also, option port can be specified for a
              listening transport to specify the local listening  port,  the  default  being  the
              standardized 3868 if unspecified. Note that option ip specifies the local address.

              If the service specifies more than one Host-IP-Address and option ip is unspecified
              then then the first of the service's addresses is used as the local address.

              The returned local address list has length one.