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       doctoc_lang_cmdref - doctoc language command reference


       comment plaintext


       division_start text ?symfile?

       include filename

       item file text desc



       toc_begin text title


       vset varname value

       vset varname



       This  document  specifies both names and syntax of all the commands which together are the
       doctoc markup language, version 1.  As this document is intended to  be  a  reference  the
       commands  are  listed in alphabetical order, and the descriptions are relatively short.  A
       beginner should read the much more informally written doctoc language introduction first.


       comment plaintext
              Toc markup. The argument text is marked up as a comment  standing  outside  of  the
              actual text of the document. Main use is in free-form text.

              Toc  structure.  This command closes the division opened by the last division_begin
              command coming before it, and not yet closed.

       division_start text ?symfile?
              Toc structure. This command  opens  a  division  in  the  table  of  contents.  Its
              counterpart is division_end. Together they allow a user to give a table of contents
              additional structure.

              The title of the new division is provided by the argument text.

              If the symbolic filename symfile is present then the section title should  link  to
              the referenced document, if links are supported by the output format.

       include filename
              Templating.  The  contents of the named file are interpreted as text written in the
              doctoc markup and processed in the place of the include command. The markup in  the
              file has to be self-contained. It is not possible for a markup command to cross the
              file boundaries.

       item file text desc
              Toc structure. This command adds an individual element to the  table  of  contents.
              Each  such  element  refers  to  a  document. The document is specified through the
              symbolic name file. The text argument is used to label the reference,  whereas  the
              desc provides a short descriptive text of that document.

              The  symbolic  names  are used to preserve the convertibility of this format to any
              output format. The actual  name  of  the  file  will  be  inserted  by  the  chosen
              formatting  engine  when converting the input. This will be based on a mapping from
              symbolic to actual names given to the engine.

       lb     Text. The command is replaced with a left bracket. Use in free-form text.  Required
              to  avoid  interpretation  of  a left bracket as the start of a markup command. Its
              usage is restricted to the arguments of other markup commands.

       rb     Text. The command is replaced with a right bracket. Use in free-form text. Required
              to  avoid  interpretation  of  a  right bracket as the end of a markup command. Its
              usage is restricted to the arguments of other commands.

       toc_begin text title
              Document structure. The command to start a table of contents. The arguments  are  a
              label  for  the whole group of documents the index refers to (text) and the overall
              title text for the index (title), without markup.

              The label often is the name of the package (or extension) the documents belong to.

              Document structure. Command to end a table of contents. Anything  in  the  document
              coming after this command is in error.

       vset varname value
              Templating.  In  this  form  the  command  sets  the named document variable to the
              specified value. It does not generate output. I.e. the command is replaced  by  the
              empty string.

       vset varname
              Templating. In this form the command is replaced by the value of the named document


       This document, and the package it describes,  will  undoubtedly  contain  bugs  and  other
       problems.   Please  report  such  in  the  category  doctools  of  the  Tcllib SF Trackers
       [].   Please  also  report  any  ideas   for
       enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation.


       doctoc_intro, doctoc_lang_faq, doctoc_lang_intro, doctoc_lang_syntax


       doctoc commands, doctoc language, doctoc markup, markup, semantic markup


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