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       exconfig - Using the configuration routines. Allegro game programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       Example exconfig


       This  is  a  very  simple  program showing how to use the Allegro configuration (ini file)
       routines. A first look at the example shows nothing more than a  static  graphic  and  the
       wait  for  a key press. However, the way this graphic is displayed is configured through a
       custom exconfig.ini file which is loaded manually. From  this  file  the  example  obtains
       parameters  like  fullscreen/windowed mode, a specific graphic resolution to set up, which
       graphic to show, how to blit it on the screen, etc.


       BITMAP(3alleg),  END_OF_MAIN(3alleg),  RGB(3alleg),  SCREEN_H(3alleg),   SCREEN_W(3alleg),
       allegro_init(3alleg),    allegro_message(3alleg),    blit(3alleg),   clear_bitmap(3alleg),
       font(3alleg), get_config_argv(3alleg), get_config_int(3alleg),  get_config_string(3alleg),
       install_keyboard(3alleg),      line(3alleg),     load_bitmap(3alleg),     makecol(3alleg),
       pop_config_state(3alleg),  push_config_state(3alleg),   readkey(3alleg),   screen(3alleg),
       set_color_depth(3alleg),           set_config_file(3alleg),          set_gfx_mode(3alleg),
       set_palette(3alleg),           stretch_blit(3alleg),            textout_centre_ex(3alleg),
       textprintf_centre_ex(3alleg), ustrdup(3alleg), ustricmp(3alleg)