Provided by: qmail_1.06-4_amd64 bug


       getln2 - read one line of data


       #include <getln.h>

       int getln2(&ss,&sa,&cont,&clen,sep);

       substdio ss;
       stralloc sa;
       char *cont;
       unsigned int clen;
       int sep;


       getln2 reads a line of characters, terminated by a sep character, from ss.

       The line is returned in two pieces.  The first piece is stored in sa.  The second piece is
       cont, a pointer to clen characters inside the ss buffer.  The second piece must be  copied
       somewhere else before ss is used again.

       If  getln2  sees end-of-input before it sees sep, it sets clen to 0 and does not set cont.
       It puts the partial line into sa.

       getln2 normally returns 0.  If it runs out of memory, or encounters an error from  ss,  it
       returns -1, setting errno appropriately.


       stralloc(3), substdio(3), getln(3)