Provided by: libggimisc2-dev_2.2.2-2.1_amd64 bug


       ggiSetSplitline - Set the hardware split line feature


       #include <ggi/misc.h>

       int ggiSetSplitline(ggi_visual_t vis, int y);


       Original  VGA  adaptors  in  order  to  be  efficient when displaying vertically scrolling
       scenery implemented a feature that, when used in  combination  with  the  display  origin,
       could  cause  the screen to wrap.  This essentially means you can take the framebuffer and
       seamlessly join the top edge to the bottom edge, creating a  cylinder  of  data  that  you
       could  scroll  up  or  down  without  actually  performing  memory  move operations.  This
       functions sets the y coordinate at which the screen wraps back.


       0 for OK, otherwise an ggi-error(3) code.