Provided by: libsvga1-dev_1.4.3-31_amd64 bug


       gl_setdisplaystart - set the start of the screen are displayed


       #include <vgagl.h>

       vga gl_setdisplaystart(int x, int y);


       Set the physical display start address to the pixel at (x, y).

       Can be used for hardware scrolling, or for page flipping (e.g.  setdisplaystart(0, HEIGHT)
       displays from the second page). Make sure the scanline width (BYTEWIDTH) in bytes  of  the
       current context corresponds with the physical screen.

       Note  also  that  the  display  start  cannot  be  set to completely arbitrary points, see


       svgalib(7), vgagl(7), svgalib.conf(5),  threedkit(7),  testgl(1),  vga_setdisplaystart(3),
       gl_copyscreen(3), gl_setscreenoffset(3).


       This  manual  page  was edited by Michael Weller <>. The exact
       source of the referenced demo as well as of the original documentation is unknown.

       It is very likely that both are at least  to  some  extent  are  due  to  Harm  Hanemaayer

       Occasionally  this might be wrong. I hereby asked to be excused by the original author and
       will happily accept any additions or corrections to this  first  version  of  the  svgalib