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       gnutls_pkcs11_set_pin_function - API function


       #include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

       void gnutls_pkcs11_set_pin_function(gnutls_pkcs11_pin_callback_t fn, void * userdata);


       gnutls_pkcs11_pin_callback_t fn
                   The PIN callback

       void * userdata
                   data to be supplied to callback


       This  function  will set a callback function to be used when a PIN is required for PKCS 11

       Callback for PKCS11 PIN entry.  The callback provides the PIN code  to  unlock  the  token
       with label 'token_label', specified by the URL

       The PIN code, as a NUL-terminated ASCII string, should be copied into the 'pin' buffer (of
       maximum size pin_max), and return 0 to indicate success. Alternatively, the  callback  may
       return  a  negative  gnutls  error code to indicate failure and cancel PIN entry (in which
       case, the contents of the 'pin' parameter are ignored).

       When a PIN is required, the callback will be invoked repeatedly (and  indefinitely)  until
       either  the  returned  PIN  code  is  correct,  the callback returns failure, or the token
       refuses login (e.g. when the token is locked due to too many incorrect  PINs!).   For  the
       first such invocation, the 'attempt' counter will have value zero; it will increase by one
       for each subsequent attempt.


       On success, GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS is returned, otherwise a negative error value.


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