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       gnutls_transport_set_global_errno - API function


       #include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

       void gnutls_transport_set_global_errno(int err);


       int err     error value to store in global errno variable.


       Store  err in the global errno variable.  Useful values for err is EAGAIN and EINTR, other
       values are treated will be treated as real errors in the push/pull function.

       This   function   is    useful    in    replacement    push/pull    functions    set    by
       gnutls_transport_set_push_function    and   gnutls_transport_set_pullpush_function   under
       Windows, where the replacement push/pull may not have access to the  same  errno  variable
       that  is  used  by  GnuTLS  (e.g.,  the application is linked to msvcr71.dll and gnutls is
       linked to msvcrt.dll).

       Whether this function is thread safe or not depends on whether the global  variable  errno
       is  thread  safe,  some  system libraries make it a thread-local variable.  When feasible,
       using the guaranteed thread-safe gnutls_transport_set_errno() may be better.


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