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       icetDataReplicationGroupColor -- define data replication.


       #include <IceT.h>

       void icetDataReplicationGroupColor(   IceTInt   color  );


       IceT  has  the  ability  to  take  advantage  of  geometric  data that is replicated among
       processes. If a group of processes share the same geometry data, then IceT will split  the
       region  of  the  display that the data projects onto among the processes, thereby reducing
       the total amount of image composition work that needs to be done.

       Despite the name of the function, icetDataReplicationGroupColor  has  nothing  to  do  the
       color  of  the  data being replicated. Instead, color is used to mark the local process as
       part of a given group.  When icetDataReplicationGroupColor is called, it finds  all  other
       processes that have the same color and builds a group based on this information.

       icetDataReplicationGroupColor  must  be called on every processes before the function will






       IceT assumes that icetDataReplicationGroup is called with the exact same parameters on all
       processes belonging to a given group.  Likewise, IceT also assumes that all processes have
       called icetBoundingVertices or icetBoundingBox with  the  exact  same  parameters  on  all
       processes  belonging  to  a given group. These requirements are not strictly enforced, but
       failing to do so may cause some of the geometry to not be rendered.


       Copyright (C)2003 Sandia Corporation

       Under the terms of Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000 with Sandia Corporation, the U.S. Government
       retains certain rights in this software.

       This source code is released under the New BSD License.

See Also

       icetDataReplicationGroup(3), icetBoundingVertices(3), icetBoundingBox(3)

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