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       icetSetColorFormat,icetSetDepthFormat--  specifies the buffer formats for IceT to use when
       creating images


       #include <IceT.h>

       void icetSetColorFormat(   IceTEnum   color_format  );
       void icetSetDepthFormat(   IceTEnum   depth_format  );


       When IceT creates image objects, it uses the formats  specified  by  icetSetColorFormatand
       icetSetDepthFormat.These  will  be  the  formats  of  images  passed  to drawing callbacks
       (specified by icetDrawCallback or icetGLDrawCallback) and of images  returned  from  frame
       drawing functions (icetDrawFrame or icetGLDrawFrame).

       The following color_formats are valid for use in icetSetColorFormat.

               Each entry is an RGBA color tuple. Each component is valued in the range from 0 to
              255 and is stored as an 8-bit integer. The  buffer  will  always  be  allocated  on
              memory  boundaries  such  that  each  color value can be treated as a single 32-bit

               Each entry is an RGBA color tuple. Each component is in the range from 0.0 to  1.0
              and is stored as a 32-bit float.

               No color values are stored in the image.

       The following depth_formats are valid for use in icetSetDepthFormat.

               Each  entry is in the range from 0.0 (near plane) to 1.0 (far plane) and is stored
              as a 32-bit float.

               No depth values are stored in the image.

       The color and depth formats are stored  in  the  ICET_COLOR_FORMAT  and  ICET_DEPTH_FORMAT
       state variables, respectively.


               icetSetColorFormator  icetSetDepthFormatwas called while IceT was drawing a frame.
              This probably means that you called icetSetColorFormat in a drawing  callback.  You
              cannot do that. Call this function before starting the draw operation.

               The color_format or depth_format given is invalid.




       None known.


       Calling  either  icetSetColorFormator  icetSetDepthFormatdoes not change the format of any
       existing images. It only changes any subsequently created images.

       The color format must be set  before  calling  either  icetDrawFrame  or  icetGLDrawFrame.
       Doing otherwise would create inconsistencies in the images created and composed together.


       Copyright (C)2010 Sandia Corporation

       Under the terms of Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000 with Sandia Corporation, the U.S. Government
       retains certain rights in this software.

       This source code is released under the New BSD License.

See Also

       icetImageGetColorFormat(3), icetImageGetDepthFormat(3)

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