Provided by: alliance_5.0-20110203-4_amd64 bug


       instr - find an occurence of a string in a string, starting at a specified character.


       #include "mut.h"
       char ∗instr(s, find, from)
       char ∗s, ∗find, from;


       s                   Pointer to the string to be searched for the pattern

       find                Pointer to the string to be found, the pattern

       from                Character to be searched backwards before searching for the pattern


       instr searches the first occurence of the string find in the string s, starting its search
       at the last occurence of the from character in the string s.

       If either s or find is NULL, the function returns NULL.  If from is (char)0,  the  pattern
       is searched from the begining of s.
       This  quite  exotic  behaviour  is  useful  to  search the occurence of a name in a string
       resulting from a flatten, when only a terminal object name is to be taken into account.


       instr return NULL either if the pattern find is not present in the searched string  s,  or
       if  one at least of these two string are NULL.  If the pattern is found, a value different
       from NULL is returned.


       #include "mut.h"
       /* check for the pattern 'ck' anywhere in the string */
       #define contains_ck(name)instr(name, "ck", ' ')
       /* check for the pattern 'ck' in the signal name, not instance ones */
       #define isclock(ptsig) instr(getsigname(ptsig), "ck", SEPAR)


       mbk(1), isvdd(3), isvss(3).