Provided by: openswan_2.6.37-1_amd64 bug


       ipsec_anyaddr,  ipsec_isanyaddr, ipsec_unspecaddr, ipsec_isunspecaddr, ipsec_loopbackaddr,
       ipsec_isloopbackaddr - get and  test  for  addresses  of  type  "any",  "unspecified"  and
       loopback get "any" address


       #include <freeswan.h>

       const char *anyaddr(int af, ip_address *dst);
       int isanyaddr(const ip_address *src);
       const char *unspecaddr(int af, ip_address *dst);
       int isunspecaddr(const ip_address *src);
       const char *loopbackaddr(int af, ip_address *dst);
       int isloopbackaddr(const ip_address *src);


       These functions fill in, and test for, special values of the ip_address type.

       Anyaddr  fills  in  the  destination  *dst  with  the ``any'' address of address family af
       (normally AF_INET or AF_INET6).  The IPv4 ``any'' address is the one embodied in  the  old
       INADDR_ANY macro.

       Isanyaddr returns 1 if the src address equals the ``any'' address, and 0 otherwise.

       Similarly,  unspecaddr  supplies, and isunspecaddr tests for, the ``unspecified'' address,
       which may be the same as the ``any'' address.

       Similarly, loopbackaddr supplies, and islookbackaddr tests for, the loopback address.

       Anyaddr, unspecaddr, and loopbackaddr return NULL for success and a pointer to  a  string-
       literal error message for failure; see DIAGNOSTICS.


       inet(3), ipsec_addrtot(3), ipsec_sameaddr(3)


       Fatal errors in the address-supplying functions are: unknown address family.


       Written for the FreeS/WAN project by Henry Spencer.

                                           8 Sept 2000                           IPSEC_ANYADDR(3)