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       ldns_key_list_key_count,     ldns_key_list_key,     ldns_key_rsa_key,    ldns_key_dsa_key,
       ldns_key_algorithm,     ldns_key_hmac_key,      ldns_key_origttl,      ldns_key_inception,

       ldns_key_expiration, ldns_key_keytag, ldns_key_pubkey_owner, ldns_key_flags-


       #include <stdint.h>
       #include <stdbool.h>

       #include <ldns/ldns.h>

       size_t ldns_key_list_key_count(const ldns_key_list *key_list);

       ldns_key* ldns_key_list_key(const ldns_key_list *key, size_t nr);

       RSA* ldns_key_rsa_key(const ldns_key *k);

       DSA* ldns_key_dsa_key(const ldns_key *k);

       ldns_signing_algorithm ldns_key_algorithm(const ldns_key *k);

       unsigned char* ldns_key_hmac_key(const ldns_key *k);

       uint32_t ldns_key_origttl(const ldns_key *k);

       uint32_t ldns_key_inception(const ldns_key *k);

       uint32_t ldns_key_expiration(const ldns_key *k);

       uint16_t ldns_key_keytag(const ldns_key *k);

       ldns_rdf* ldns_key_pubkey_owner(const ldns_key *k);

       uint16_t ldns_key_flags(const ldns_key *k);


       ldns_key_list_key_count() returns the number of keys in the key list
              key_list: the key_list
              Returns the numbers of keys in the list

       ldns_key_list_key() returns a pointer to the key in the list at the given position
              key: the key
              nr: the position in the list
              Returns the key

       ldns_key_rsa_key() returns the (openssl) RSA struct contained in the key
              k: the key to look in
              Returns the RSA * structure in the key

       ldns_key_dsa_key() returns the (openssl) DSA struct contained in the key

       ldns_key_algorithm() return the signing alg of the key
              k: the key
              Returns the algorithm

       ldns_key_hmac_key() return the hmac key data
              k: the key
              Returns the hmac key data

       ldns_key_origttl() return the original ttl of the key
              k: the key
              Returns the original ttl

       ldns_key_inception() return the key's inception date
              k: the key
              Returns the inception date

       ldns_key_expiration() return the key's expiration date
              k: the key
              Returns the experiration date

       ldns_key_keytag() return the keytag
              k: the key
              Returns the keytag

       ldns_key_pubkey_owner() return the public key's owner
              k: the key
              Returns the owner

       ldns_key_flags() return the flag of the key
              k: the key
              Returns the flag


       The ldns team at NLnet Labs. Which consists out of Jelte Jansen and Miek Gieben.


       Please    report    bugs    to    or    in   our   bugzilla   at


       Copyright (c) 2004 - 2006 NLnet Labs.

       Licensed under the BSD License. There is NO warranty;  not  even  for  MERCHANTABILITY  or


       ldns_key.  And perldoc Net::DNS, RFC1034, RFC1035, RFC4033, RFC4034  and RFC4035.


       This  manpage  was  automaticly  generated from the ldns source code by use of Doxygen and
       some perl.

                                           30 May 2006                                    ldns(3)