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       mfont_list - Get a list of fonts.


       MPlist* mfont_list (MFrame * frame, MFont * font, MSymbol language, int maxnum)


       Get a list of fonts. The mfont_list() functions returns a list of fonts available on frame
       frame.  font, if not NULL, limits fonts to ones that match with font.  language, if not
       Mnil, limits fonts to ones that support language.  maxnum, if greater than 0, limits the
       number of fonts.

       language argument exists just for backward compatibility, and the use is deprecated. Use
       Mlanguage font property instead. If font already has Mlanguage property, language is


           This function returns a plist whose keys are family names and values are pointers to
           the object MFont. The plist must be freed by m17n_object_unref().  If no font is
           found, it returns NULL.


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