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       npm-run-script - Run arbitrary package scripts

SYNOPSIS, callback)


       This runs an arbitrary command from a package´s "scripts" object.

       It  is used by the test, start, restart, and stop commands, but can be called directly, as

       The ´args´ parameter is an array of strings. Behavior depends on the number  of  elements.
       If  there is only one element, npm assumes that the element represents a command to be run
       on the local repository. If there is more than one element, then the first is  assumed  to
       be  the package and the second is assumed to be the command to run. All other elements are


       ·   npm help scripts

       ·   npm apihelp test

       ·   npm apihelp start

       ·   npm apihelp restart

       ·   npm apihelp stop

                                            April 2012                          NPM-RUN-SCRIPT(3)