Provided by: npm_1.1.4~dfsg-1_all bug


       npm-shrinkwrap - programmatically generate package shrinkwrap file


       npm.commands.shrinkwrap(args, [silent,] callback)


       This acts much the same ways as shrinkwrapping on the command-line.

       This  command does not take any arguments, but ´args´ must be defined. Beyond that, if any
       arguments are passed in,  npm  will  politely  warn  that  it  does  not  take  positional

       If  the  ´silent´  parameter is set to true, nothing will be output to the screen, but the
       shrinkwrap file will still be written.

       Finally, ´callback´ is a function that will be called when the shrinkwrap has been saved.

                                            April 2012                          NPM-SHRINKWRAP(3)