Provided by: npm_1.1.4~dfsg-1_all bug


       npm-tag - Tag a published version


       npm.commands.tag(package@version, tag, callback)


       Tags  the  specified version of the package with the specified tag, or the --tag config if
       not specified.

       The ┬┤package@version┬┤ is an array  of  strings,  but  only  the  first  two  elements  are
       currently used.

       The  first  element must be in the form package@version, where package is the package name
       and version is the version number (much like installing a specific version).

       The second element is the name of the tag to tag this version with. If this  parameter  is
       missing or falsey (empty), the default froom the config will be used. For more information
       about how to set this config, check  man  3  npm-config  for  programmatic  usage  or  man
       npm-config for cli usage.

                                            April 2012                                 NPM-TAG(3)