Provided by: aolserver4-dev_4.5.1-15_amd64 bug


       ns_log, ns_logctl - commands


       ns_log severity message


        While  the  AOLserver  is  running  it  logs various events from Notices to Fatal errors.
       Usually the AOLserver is running in the background,  in  which  case  these  messages  are
       placed  in  the  server log. In absence of an ServerLog key in the AOLserver nsd.ini file,
       this file is the /log/error.log under  the  AOLserver  installation  directory.  When  the
       AOLserver is running in the foreground the messages are redirected to stderr.

       ns_log writes the message to the server error log file. Allowable values for severity are:

       Notice - Something interesting occurred.

       Warning - Something that could mean something bad occurred.

       Error -  Something bad occurred.

       Fatal  -   Something  extremely  bad occurred. The server will shut down after logging the

       Bug - Something occurred that implies that there is a bug in the code.

       Debug - If the server is in Debug mode, the message is printed. Debug mode is specified in
       the  [ns/parameters]  section  of  the  configuration  file. Otherwise, the message is not


       nsd(1), info(n)