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       plfill3 - Draw filled polygon in 3D


       plfill3(n, x, y, z)


       Fills  the  3D polygon defined by the n points in the x, y, and z arrays using the pattern
       defined by plpsty(3plplot) or plpat(3plplot).  The routine will  automatically  close  the
       polygon between the last and first vertices.  If multiple closed polygons are passed in x,
       y, and z then plfill3(3plplot) will fill in between them.

       Redacted form:  General: plfill3(x, y, z) Perl/PDL: plfill3(n, x, y, z)

       This function is used in example 15.


       n (PLINT, input)
              Number of vertices in polygon.

       x (PLFLT *, input)
              Pointer to array with x coordinates of vertices.

       y (PLFLT *, input)
              Pointer to array with y coordinates of vertices.

       z (PLFLT *, input)
              Pointer to array with z coordinates of vertices.


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