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       plot3dc - Magnitude colored plot surface with contour.


       plot3dc(x, y, z, nx, ny, opt, clevel, nlevel)


       Identical  to  plot3d  but  with  extra  functionalities:  the surface mesh can be colored
       accordingly to the current z value being plotted, a contour plot can be drawn at the  base
       XY  plane,  and a curtain can be drawn between the plotted function border and the base XY
       plane.  The  arguments  are  identical   to   plmeshc.   The   only   difference   between
       plmeshc(3plplot)  and  plot3dc(3plplot)  is that plmeshc(3plplot) draws the bottom side of
       the surface, while plot3dc(3plplot) only draws the surface as viewed from the top.

       Redacted form:  General: plot3dc(x, y, z, opt, clevel) Perl/PDL: Not available?

       This function is used in example 21.


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