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       plparseopts - Parse command-line arguments


       int plparseopts(p_argc, argv, mode)


       Parse command-line arguments.

       plparseopts(3plplot)  removes  all recognized flags (decreasing argc accordingly), so that
       invalid input may be readily detected.  It can also be used to process user  command  line
       flags.   The user can merge an option table of type PLOptionTable into the internal option
       table info structure using plMergeOpts(3plplot).  Or, the user can specify that  ONLY  the
       external table(s) be parsed by calling plClearOpts(3plplot) before plMergeOpts(3plplot).

       The default action taken by plparseopts(3plplot) is as follows:

              Returns  with  an error if an unrecognized option or badly formed option-value pair
              are encountered.
              Returns immediately (return code 0) when the first non-option command line argument
              is found.
              Returns with the return code of the option handler, if one was called.
              Deletes  command  line  arguments  from argv list as they are found, and decrements
              argc accordingly.
              Does not show "invisible" options in usage or help messages.
              Assumes the program name is contained in argv[0].

              These behaviors may be controlled through the  mode argument.

              Redacted form:  General: plparseopts(argv, mode) Perl/PDL: Not available?

              This function is used in all of the examples.


       p_argc (int *, input)
              pointer to number of arguments.

       argv (char **, input)
              Pointer to character array containing *p_argc command-line arguments.

       mode (PLINT, input)
              Parsing mode with the following possibilities: PL_PARSE_FULL (1) -- Full parsing of
              command  line  and all error messages enabled, including program exit when an error
              occurs.  Anything on the command line that isn't recognized as a  valid  option  or
              option argument is flagged as an error.  PL_PARSE_QUIET (2) -- Turns off all output
              except in the case of errors.  PL_PARSE_NODELETE  (4)  --  Turns  off  deletion  of
              processed    arguments.    PL_PARSE_SHOWALL   (8)   --   Show   invisible   options
              PL_PARSE_NOPROGRAM (32) -- Specified if argv[0] is NOT a  pointer  to  the  program
              name.   PL_PARSE_NODASH (64) -- Set if leading dash is NOT required.  PL_PARSE_SKIP
              (128) -- Set to quietly skip over any unrecognized arguments.


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