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       plsdidev - Set parameters that define current device-space window


       plsdidev(mar, aspect, jx, jy)


       Set  relative  margin  width, aspect ratio, and relative justification that define current
       device-space window.  If you want to just use the previous value for any  of  these,  just
       pass  in the magic value PL_NOTSET. It is unlikely that one should ever need to change the
       aspect ratio but it's in there for completeness. If plsdidev(3plplot) is  not  called  the
       default values of mar, jx, and jy are all 0. aspect is set to a device-specific value.

       Redacted form: plsdidev(mar, aspect, jx, jy)

       This function is used in example 31.


       mar (PLFLT, input)
              Relative margin width.

       aspect (PLFLT, input)
              Aspect ratio.

       jx (PLFLT, input)
              Relative justification in x. Value must lie in the range -0.5 to 0.5.

       jy (PLFLT, input)
              Relative justification in y. Value must lie in the range -0.5 to 0.5.


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