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       plsdiori - Set plot orientation




       Set  plot  orientation  parameter which is multiplied by 90 degrees to obtain the angle of
       rotation.  Note, arbitrary rotation parameters such as 0.2 (corresponding to  18  degrees)
       are  possible,  but  the  usual  values  for the rotation parameter are 0., 1., 2., and 3.
       corresponding to 0 degrees (landscape mode),  90  degrees  (portrait  mode),  180  degrees
       (seascape  mode),  and 270 degrees (upside-down mode).  If plsdiori(3plplot) is not called
       the default value of rot is 0.

       N.B. aspect ratio is unaffected by calls to plsdiori(3plplot).  So you will probably  want
       to  change  the  aspect ratio to a value suitable for the plot orientation using a call to
       plsdidev(3plplot) or the command-line options -a or -freeaspect.  For  more  documentation
       of  those  options  see  the  PLplot  documentation.  Such command-line options can be set
       internally using plsetopt(3plplot) or set directly using the command line and parsed using
       a call to  plparseopts(3plplot).

       Redacted form: plsdiori(rot)

       This function is not used in any examples.


       rot (PLFLT, input)
              Plot orientation parameter.


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