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       plsmema - Set the memory area to be plotted (RGBA)


       plsmema(maxx, maxy, plotmem)


       Set  the  memory  area  to  be plotted (with the memcairo driver) as the dev member of the
       stream structure. Also set the number of pixels in the memory passed in plotmem, which  is
       a block of memory maxy by maxx by 4 bytes long, say: 480 x 640 x 4 (Y, X, RGBA)

       This memory will have to be freed by the user!

       Redacted form: plsmema(maxx, maxy, plotmem)

       This function is not used in any examples.


       maxx (PLINT, input)
              Size of memory area in the X coordinate.

       maxy (PLINT, input)
              Size of memory area in the Y coordinate.

       plotmem (void *, input)
              Pointer to the beginning of the user-supplied memory area.


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