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       plspage - Set page parameters


       plspage(xp, yp, xleng, yleng, xoff, yoff)


       Sets  the  page  configuration  (optional).   If an individual parameter is zero then that
       parameter value is not updated.  Not all parameters are recognized by all drivers and  the
       interpretation  is  device-dependent.  The  X-window  driver  uses  the  length and offset
       parameters to determine the window size and location.  The length and  offset  values  are
       expressed  in  units that are specific to the current driver. For instance: screen drivers
       will usually interpret them as number of pixels, whereas printer drivers will usually  use
       mm. This routine, if used, must be called before initializing PLplot.

       Redacted form: plspage(xp, yp, xleng, yleng, xoff, yoff)

       This function is used in examples 14 and 31.


       xp (PLFLT, input)
              Number of pixels/inch (DPI), x.

       yp (PLFLT, input)
              Number of pixels/inch (DPI), y.

       xleng (PLINT , input)
              Page length, x.

       yleng (PLINT, input)
              Page length, y.

       xoff (PLINT, input)
              Page offset, x.

       yoff (PLINT, input)
              Page offset, y.


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