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       plstransform - Set a global coordinate transform function


       plstransform(transform_fun, data)


       This function can be used to define a coordinate transformation which affects all elements
       drawn within the current plot window.  The transformation  function  is  similar  to  that
       provided  for  the  plmap(3plplot) and plmeridians(3plplot) functions.  The data parameter
       may be used to pass extra data to transform_fun.

       Redacted form:  General: plstransform(transform_fun, data)

       This function is used in example 19.


       transform_fun (void (*) (PLFLT, PLFLT, PLFLT*, PLFLT*, PLPointer) , input)
              Pointer to a  function  that  defines  a  transformation  from  the  input  (x,  y)
              coordinate to a new plot world coordiante.

       data (PLPointer, input)
              Optional extra data for transform_fun.


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