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       plstripa - Add a point to a stripchart


       plstripa(id, p, x, y)


       Add  a  point  to a given pen of a given stripchart. There is no need for all pens to have
       the same number of points or to be equally sampled in the x coordinate.  Allocates  memory
       and rescales as necessary.

       Redacted form: plstripa(id, p, x, y)

       This function is used in example 17.


       id (PLINT, input)
              Identification number (set up in plstripc(3plplot)) of the stripchart.

       p (PLINT, input)
              Pen number (ranges from 0 to 3).

       x (PLFLT, input)
              X coordinate of point to plot.

       y (PLFLT, input)
              Y coordinate of point to plot.


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