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       plxormod - Enter or leave xor mode


       plxormod(mode, status)


       Enter (when mode is true)  or leave (when mode is false) xor mode for those drivers (e.g.,
       the xwin driver) that support it.  Enables erasing plots by drawing twice the  same  line,
       symbol, etc.  If driver is not capable of xor operation it returns a status of false.

       Redacted form: plxormod(mode, status)

       This function is used in examples 1,20.


       mode (PLBOOL, input)
              mode is true means enter xor mode and  mode is false means leave xor mode.

       status (PLBOOL *, output)
              Pointer  to  status.  Returned   modestatus of true (false) means driver is capable
              (incapable) of xor mode.


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