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       pt::tclparam::configuration::snit - Tcl/PARAM, Canned configuration, Snit


       package require Tcl  8.5

       package require pt::tclparam::configuration::snit  ?1.0.1?

       ::pt::tclparam::configuration::snit def name cmdprefix



       Are  you  lost  ?   Do you have trouble understanding this document ?  In that case please
       read the overview provided by the Introduction to  Parser  Tools.  This  document  is  the
       entrypoint to the whole system the current package is a part of.

       This  package  is  an  adjunct  to  pt::peg::to::tclparam,  to make the use of this highly
       configurable package easier  by  providing  a  canned  configuration.  When  applied  this
       configuration  causes  the  package  pt::peg::to::tclparam  to  generate snit-based parser

       It is a supporting package in the Core Layer of Parser Tools.

       IMAGE: arch_core_support


       ::pt::tclparam::configuration::snit def name cmdprefix
              The command applies the configuration provided by this package  to  the  cmdprefix,
              causing the creation of snit-based parsers whose class is name.

              The  use  of a command prefix as API allows application of the configuration to not
              only  pt::peg::to::tclparam  (pt::peg::to::tclparam  configure),  but  also  export
              manager  instances  and  PEG  containers ($export configuration set and [$container
              exporter] configuration set respectively).

              Or anything other command prefix accepting two arguments, option and value.


       This document, and the package it describes,  will  undoubtedly  contain  bugs  and  other
       problems.    Please   report   such   in  the  category  pt  of  the  Tcllib  SF  Trackers
       [].   Please  also  report  any  ideas   for
       enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation.


       EBNF,  LL(k),  PEG,  TDPL,  context-free languages, expression, grammar, matching, parser,
       parsing expression, parsing expression grammar, push down  automaton,  recursive  descent,
       state, top-down parsing languages, transducer


       Parsing and Grammars


       Copyright (c) 2009 Andreas Kupries <>