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       QCDEStyle - CDE look and feel


       #include <qcdestyle.h>

       Inherits QMotifStyle.

   Public Members
       QCDEStyle ( bool useHighlightCols = FALSE )
       virtual ~QCDEStyle ()


       The QCDEStyle class provides a CDE look and feel.

       This style provides a slightly improved Motif look similar to some versions of the Common
       Desktop Environment (CDE). The main differences are thinner frames and more modern radio
       buttons and checkboxes. Together with a dark background and a bright text/foreground
       color, the style looks quite attractive (at least for Motif fans).

       Note that the functions provided by QCDEStyle are reimplementations of QStyle functions;
       see QStyle for their documentation.

       See also Widget Appearance and Style.


QCDEStyle::QCDEStyle ( bool useHighlightCols = FALSE )

       Constructs a QCDEStyle.

       If useHighlightCols is FALSE (the default), then the style will polish the application's
       color palette to emulate the Motif way of highlighting, which is a simple inversion
       between the base and the text color.

QCDEStyle::~QCDEStyle () [virtual]

       Destroys the style.



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