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       QMotifWidget - The QWidget API for Xt/Motif widgets


       This class is part of the Qt Motif Extension.

       #include <qmotifwidget.h>

       Inherits QWidget.

   Public Members
       QMotifWidget ( QWidget * parent, WidgetClass widgetclass, ArgList args = NULL, Cardinal
           argcount = 0, const char * name = 0, WFlags flags = 0 )
       virtual ~QMotifWidget ()
       Widget motifWidget () const

   Protected Members
       virtual bool x11Event ( XEvent * event )


       This class is defined in the Qt Motif Extension, which can be found in the qt/extensions
       directory. It is not included in the main Qt API.

       The QMotifWidget class provides the QWidget API for Xt/Motif widgets.

       QMotifWidget exists to provide a QWidget that can act as a parent for any Xt/Motif widget.
       Since the QMotifWidget is a proper QWidget, it can be used as a top-level widget (e.g. 0
       parent) or as a child of any other QWidget. Note: Since QMotifWidget acts as a parent for
       Xt/Motif widgets, you should not create QWidgets with a QMotifWidget parent.

       An Xt/Motif widget with a top-level QMotifWidget parent can begin using the standard Qt
       dialogs and custom QDialogs while keeping the main Xt/Motif interface of the application.
       Using a QMotifWidget as the parent for the various QDialogs will ensure that modality and
       stacking works properly throughout the entire application.

       Applications moving to Qt may have custom Xt/Motif widgets that will take time to rewrite
       with Qt. Such applications can use these custom widgets as QMotifWidget with QWidget
       parents. This allows the application's interface to be replaced gradually.

       Warning: QMotifWidget uses the X11 window ID of the Motif widget directly, instead of
       creating its own. Because ot this, QWidget::reparent() will not work. This includes the
       functions QWidget::showFullScreen() and QWidget::showNormal(), which use


QMotifWidget::QMotifWidget ( QWidget * parent, WidgetClass widgetclass, ArgList args = NULL,

       Cardinal argcount = 0, const char * name = 0, WFlags flags = 0 )
       Creates a QMotifWidget of the given widgetclass as a child of parent, with the name name
       and widget flags flags.

       The args and argcount arguments are passed on to XtCreateWidget.

       The motifWidget() function returns the resulting Xt/Motif widget. This widget can be used
       as a parent for any other Xt/Motif widget.

       If parent is a QMotifWidget, the Xt/Motif widget is created as a child of the parent's
       motifWidget(). If &#92; parent is 0 or a normal QWidget, the Xt/Motif widget is created as
       a child of a special TopLevelShell widget. Xt/Motif widgets can use this special
       TopLevelShell parent as the parent for existing Xt/Motif dialogs or QMotifDialogs.

QMotifWidget::~QMotifWidget () [virtual]

       Destroys the QMotifWidget. The special TopLevelShell is also destroyed, if it was created
       during construction.

Widget QMotifWidget::motifWidget () const

       Returns the embedded Xt/Motif widget. If a Shell widget was created by the constructor,
       you can access it with XtParent().



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