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       QNPStream - Stream of data provided to a QNPInstance by the browser


       This class is part of the Qt Netscape Extension.

       #include <qnp.h>

   Public Members
       ~QNPStream ()
       const char * url () const
       uint end () const
       uint lastModified () const
       const char * type () const
       bool seekable () const
       bool okay () const
       bool complete () const
       void requestRead ( int offset, uint length )
       int write ( int len, void * buffer )
       QNPInstance * instance ()
       QNPStream ( QNPInstance * in, const char * mt, _NPStream * st, bool se )


       This class is defined in the Qt Netscape Extension, which can be found in the
       qt/extensions directory. It is not included in the main Qt API.

       The QNPStream class provides a stream of data provided to a QNPInstance by the browser.

       Note that this is neither a QTextStream nor a QDataStream.

       See also QNPInstance::write() and QNPInstance::newStreamCreated().


QNPStream::QNPStream ( QNPInstance * in, const char * mt, _NPStream * st, bool se )

       Creates a stream. Plugins should not call this; they should call QNPInstance::newStream()
       if they need a stream.

       Takes a QNPInstance in, MIME type mt, a pointer to an _NPStream st and a seekable flag se.

QNPStream::~QNPStream ()

       Destroys the stream.

bool QNPStream::complete () const

       Returns TRUE if the stream has received all the data from the source; otherwise returns

uint QNPStream::end () const

       Returns the length of the stream in bytes. The function might return 0 for streams of
       unknown length.

QNPInstance * QNPStream::instance ()

       Returns the QNPInstance for which this stream was created.

uint QNPStream::lastModified () const

       Returns the time when the source of the stream was last modified.

bool QNPStream::okay () const

       Returns TRUE if no errors have occurred on the stream; otherwise returns FALSE.

void QNPStream::requestRead ( int offset, uint length )

       Requests the section of the stream, of length bytes from offset, be sent to the
       QNPInstance::write() function of the instance() of this stream.

bool QNPStream::seekable () const

       Returns TRUE if the stream is seekable; otherwise returns FALSE.

const char * QNPStream::type () const

       Returns the MIME type of the stream.

const char * QNPStream::url () const

       Returns the URL from which the stream was created.

int QNPStream::write ( int len, void * buffer )

       Writes len bytes from buffer to the stream.



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