Provided by: librdmacm-dev_1.0.14.1-2_i386 bug


       rdma_reg_msgs  -  register  data  buffer(s)  for  sending  or receiving


       #include <rdma/rdma_verbs.h>

       struct ibv_mr *  rdma_reg_msgs  (struct  rdma_cm_id  *id,  void  *addr,
       size_t length);


       id          A reference to a communication identifier where the message
                   buffer(s) will be used.

       addr        The address of the memory buffer(s) to register.

       length      The total length of the memory to register.


       Registers an array of memory buffers used  for  sending  and  receiving
       messages  or  for  RDMA  operations.   Memory  buffers registered using
       rdma_reg_msgs may be posted to an rdma_cm_id  using  rdma_post_send  or
       rdma_post_recv, or specified as the target of an RDMA read operation or
       the source of an RDMA write reqeust.


       Returns a reference to the registered memory region on success, or NULL
       on  error.   If  an  error  occurs,  errno  will be set to indicate the
       failure reason.


       rdma_reg_msgs is used to register an array of data buffers that will be
       used  send  and/or  receive messages on a queue pair associated with an
       rdma_cm_id.  The memory  buffer  is  registered  with  the  proteection
       domain  associated  with  the  idenfier.   The start of the data buffer
       array is specified through the addr parameter, and the  total  size  of
       the array is given by length.

       All  data  buffers  should  be registered before being posted as a work
       request.  Users  must  deregister  all  registered  memory  by  calling


       rdma_cm(7),   rdma_create_id(3),  rdma_create_ep(3),  rdma_reg_read(3),
       rdma_reg_write(3), ibv_reg_mr(3),  ibv_dereg_mr(3),  rdma_post_send(3),
       rdma_post_recv(3),        rdma_post_read(3),        rdma_post_readv(3),
       rdma_post_write(3), rdma_post_writev(3)