Provided by: libroar-dev_0.4-2_amd64 bug


       roar_vs_connection_obj,  roar_vs_stream_obj, roar_vs_vio_obj - VS API interface for use of
       main API


       #include <roaraudio.h>

       struct roar_connection * roar_vs_connection_obj(roar_vs_t * vss, int * error);

       struct roar_stream     * roar_vs_stream_obj    (roar_vs_t * vss, int * error);

       struct roar_vio_calls  * roar_vs_vio_obj       (roar_vs_t * vss, int * error);


       Those functions return internal connection, stream and VIO object of the VS object.   They
       are used to use the main API with a VS opened stream.

       roar_vs_connection_obj()  returns the connection object used for the control connection to
       the server.

       roar_vs_stream_obj() returns the stream object storing information about the stream.

       roar_vs_vio_obj() returns the VIO object used to read  data  from  or  send  data  to  the

       Returned  objects  are  freed  as  soon  as  the VS object is closed. If the VS object was
       created using roar_vs_new_from_con(3) the connection is not closed by the  VS  object  and
       stay valid after close until it is closed by the program or library.

       The VIO object MUST NOT be used while in buffered mode.


       vss    The VS object to return internal objects from.

       error  This  is  a  pointer  to  a integer used to store the error value in case of error.
              This can be NULL if not used but it is very recommended to use this error value  to
              report good error messages to the user.


       On success these calls return the described object.  On error, NULL is returned.




       roarvs(7), libroar(7), RoarAudio(7).