Provided by: liblcgdm-dev_1.8.2-1_amd64 bug


       serrno - LCG internal error variable


       #include <serrno.h>

       extern int serrno;
       extern char *sstrerror(int serrno_value );
       extern void sperror(char * message );


       The serrno variable is the LCG's equivalent to system error variable errno. This variable,
       accessible only trough LCG API's and related functions below is guaranteed to  be  thread-
       The serrno variable is divided into common values and per package values, that are:


              DB                 - Database

              MSG                - Message daemon

              NS                 - Name server

              RFIO               - Remote File I/O

              RTCOPY             - Remote Tape Copy

              STAGE              - Stager


              TAPE               - Tape operations

              VMGR               - Volume Manager

              VDQM               - Volume and Drive Queue Manager

              RMC                - Remote SCSI Media Changer Server

              MON                - Monitoring

              UPV                - User Privilege

              DPM                - Disk Pool Manager



       The following error values might be returned by any package:

       SENOSHOST          (1001) Host unknown

       SENOSSERV          (1002) Service unknown

       SENOTRFILE         (1003) Not a remote file

       SETIMEDOUT         (1004) Has timed out

       SEBADFFORM         (1005) Bad fortran format specifier

       SEBADFOPT          (1006) Bad fortran option specifier

       SEINCFOPT          (1007) Incompatible fortran options

       SENAMETOOLONG      (1008) File name too long

       SENOCONFIG         (1009) Can't open configuration file

       SEBADVERSION       (1010) Version ID mismatch

       SEUBUF2SMALL       (1011) User buffer too small

       SEMSGINVRNO        (1012) Invalid reply number

       SEUMSG2LONG        (1013) User message too long

       SEENTRYNFND        (1014) Entry not found

       SEINTERNAL         (1015) Internal error

       SECONNDROP         (1016) Connection closed by rem. end

       SEBADIFNAM         (1017) Can't get interface name

       SECOMERR           (1018) Communication error

       SENOMAPDB          (1019) Can't open mapping database

       SENOMAPFND         (1020) No user mapping

       SERTYEXHAUST       (1021) Retry count exhausted

       SEOPNOTSUP         (1022) Operation not supported

       SEWOULDBLOCK       (1023) Resource temporarily unavailable

       SEINPROGRESS       (1024) Operation now in progress

       SECTHREADINIT      (1025) Cthread initialization error

       SECTHREADERR       (1026) Thread interface call error

       SESYSERR           (1027) System error

       SEADNSINIT         (1028) adns_init() error

       SEADNSSUBMIT       (1029) adns_submit() error

       SEADNS             (1030) adns resolving error

       SEADNSTOOMANY      (1031) adns returned more than one entry

       SENOTADMIN         (1032) requestor is not administrator

       SEUSERUNKN         (1033) User unknown

       SEDUPKEY           (1034) Duplicate key value

       SEENTRYEXISTS      (1035) The entry already exists

       SEGROUPUNKN        (1036) Group Unknown

       SECHECKSUM         (1037) Bad checksum

       SELOOP             (1038) Too many symbolic links encountered


       None yet


       The following error values are returned only by the database package:

       EDB_A_ESESSION     (1201) Cdb api           : invalid session

       EDB_A_EDB          (1202) Cdb api           : invalid db

       EDB_A_EINVAL       (1203) Cdb api           : invalid value

       EDB_A_RESHOST      (1204) Cdb api           : host res error

       EDB_A_TOOMUCH      (1205) Cdb api           : data size rejected

       EDB_AS_SOCKET      (1206) Cdb api    system : socket() error

       EDB_AS_SOCKOPT     (1207) Cdb api    system : [set/get]sockopt() error

       EDB_AS_MALLOC      (1208) Cdb api    system : malloc() error

       EDB_A_NOERROR      (1209) Cdb api           : no last error

       EDB_A_IEINVAL      (1200) Cdb api           : interface invalid value

       EDB_AS_BIND        (1201) Cdb api           : bind() error

       EDB_AS_LISTEN      (1202) Cdb api           : listen() error

       EDB_AS_GETSOCKNAME (1203) Cdb api         : getsockname() error

       EDB_AS_ACCEPT      (1204) Cdb api           : accept() error

       EDB_AS_GETPEERNAME (1205) Cdb api        : getpeername() error

       EDB_A_WHOISIT      (1206) Cdb api        : Connection from bad host

       EDB_D_EINVAL       (1220) Cdb daemon        : invalid value

       EDB_D_EAGAIN       (1221) Cdb daemon        : yet done

       EDB_D_AUTH         (1222) Cdb daemon        : unauthorized

       EDB_D_LOGIN        (1223) Cdb daemon        : login refused

       EDB_D_PWDCORR      (1224) Cdb daemon        : pwd file corrupted

       EDB_D_ANA          (1225) Cdb daemon        : db analysis error

       EDB_D_HASHSIZE     (1226) Cdb daemon        : bad hash size

       EDB_D_UNKNOWN      (1227) Cdb daemon        : unkn. db/table/key

       EDB_D_NOLOCK       (1228) Cdb daemon        : lock is required

       EDB_D_CORRUPT      (1229) Cdb daemon        : probably corrupted

       EDB_D_TOOMUCH      (1230) Cdb daemon        : data size rejected

       EDB_D_ENOENT       (1231) Cdb daemon        : no entry

       EDB_D_ETYPE        (1232) Cdb daemon        : unknown member type

       EDB_D_EVALUE       (1233) Cdb daemon        : unknown member val

       EDB_D_NULLVALUE    (1234) Cdb daemon        : null member value

       EDB_D_LOCK         (1235) Cdb daemon        : cannot gain lock

       EDB_D_FREE         (1236) Cdb daemon        : unsafe free attempt

       EDB_D_SHUTDOWN     (1237) Cdb daemon        : shutdown in progress

       EDB_D_DEADLOCK     (1238) Cdb daemon        : shutdown in progress

       EDB_D_EXIST        (1239) Cdb daemon        : yet exists

       EDB_D_NOSPC        (1240) Cdb daemon        : no more space

       EDB_D_DUMPEND      (1241) Cdb daemon        : end of dump

       EDB_D_UNIQUE       (1242) Cdb daemon        : uniqued key yet exist

       EDB_D_LISTEND      (1243) Cdb daemon        : end of list

       EDB_D_NOTDUMP      (1244) Cdb daemon        : not in dump mode

       EDB_D_DNSCHECK     (1245) Cdb daemon        : double DNS check error

       EDB_D_REJECTED     (1246) Cdb daemon        : Connection rejected (not authorised)

       EDB_D_INIT         (1247) Cdb daemon        : init in progress

       EDB_D_INCONST      (1248)  Cdb  daemon         :  Cdb daemon        : inconsistent request
                          (unstop and no previous stop, unfreeze and no previous freeze)

       EDB_D_FREEHASHSIZE (1249) Cdb daemon        : bad free hash size

       EDB_DS_MALLOC      (1250) Cdb daemon system : malloc() error

       EDB_DS_CALLOC      (1251) Cdb daemon system : calloc() error

       EDB_DS_REALLOC     (1252) Cdb daemon system : realloc() error

       EDB_DS_OPEN        (1253) Cdb daemon system : open() error

       EDB_DS_FSTAT       (1254) Cdb daemon system : fstat() error

       EDB_DS_LSEEK       (1255) Cdb daemon system : lseek() error

       EDB_DS_READ        (1256) Cdb daemon system : read() error

       EDB_DS_WRITE       (1257) Cdb daemon system : write() error

       EDB_DS_RENAME      (1258) Cdb daemon system : rename() error

       EDB_DS_FTRUNC      (1259) Cdb daemon system : ftruncate() error

       EDB_DS_TMPNAM      (1260) Cdb daemon system : tmpnam() error

       EDB_DS_FCNTL       (1261) Cdb daemon system : fcntl() error

       EDB_DS_MKDIR       (1262) Cdb daemon system : mkdir() error

       EDB_DS_TIMES       (1263) Cdb daemon system : times() error

       EDB_DS_SYSCONF     (1264) Cdb daemon system : sysconf() err/unav

       EDB_DS_GETHOSTNAME (1265) Cdb daemon system : gethostname() error

       EDB_DS_GETPEERNAME (1266) Cdb daemon system : getpeername() error

       EDB_DS_INET_NTOA   (1267) Cdb daemon system : getpeername() error

       EDB_DS_REMOVE      (1268) Cdb daemon system : remove() error

       EDB_DS_SIGACTION   (1269) Cdb daemon system : sigaction() error

       EDB_DS_GETSOCKNAME (1270) Cdb daemon system : getsockname() error

       EDB_DS_BIND        (1271) Cdb daemon system : bind() error

       EDB_DS_LISTEN      (1272) Cdb daemon system : listen() error

       EDB_DS_CONNECT     (1273) Cdb daemon system : connect() error

       EDB_DS_SOCKET      (1274) Cdb daemon system : socket() error

       EDB_DS_SOCKOPT     (1275) Cdb daemon system : [set/get]sockopt() error

       EDB_D_RESHOST      (1276) Cdb daemon     : host res error

       EDB_D_REQSIZE      (1277) Cdb daemon     : request too big

       EDB_C_EINVAL       (1280) Cdb config        : invalid value

       EDB_C_ENOENT       (1281) Cdb config        : configuration error

       EDB_C_TOOMUCH      (1282) Cdb config        : conf. size rejected

       EDB_CS_GETHOSTNAME (1283) Cdb config system : gethostname() error

       EDB_NOMOREDB       (1290) Cdb : nomoredb (the API retries automatically in such a case  so
                          you should never see this error number)


       The following error values are returned only by the message package:

       EMSMSGU2REP        (1301) msg daemon unable to reply

       EMSMSGSYERR        (1302) msg daemon system error

       EMSNOPERM          (1303) Permission denied


       The following error values are returned only by the name server package:

       ENSNACT            (1401) name server not active or service being drained


       The following error values are returned only by the remote file I/O package:

       ERFNORCODE         (1501) RFIO communication error

       ERFHOSTREFUSED     (1502) RFIO rejected connect attempt

       ERFXHOST           (1503) Cross-host link (rename())

       ERFPROTONOTSUP     (1504) RFIO protocol not supported


       The following error values are returned only by the remote tape copy package:

       ERTTMSERR          (1601) TMS call failed

       ERTBLKSKPD         (1602) Blocks were skipped in file

       ERTTPE_LSZ         (1603) Blocks skipped and file truncated

       ERTMNYPARY         (1604) Too many skipped blocks

       ERTLIMBYSZ         (1605) File limited by size

       ERTUSINTR          (1606) Request interrupted by user

       ERTOPINTR          (1607) Request interrupted by operator

       ERTNOTCLIST        (1608) Request list is not circular

       ERTBADREQ          (1609) Bad request structure


       The following error values are returned only by the stager package:

       ESTCLEARED         (1701) aborted by stageclr

       ESTENOUGHF         (1702) enough free space

       ESTLNKNCR          (1703) symbolic link not created

       ESTLNKNSUP         (1704) symbolic link not supported

       ESTNACT            (1705) Stager not active

       ESTGROUP           (1706) Your group is invalid

       ESTGRPUSER         (1707) No GRPUSER in configuration

       ESTUSER            (1708) Invalid user

       ESTHSMHOST         (1709) HSM HOST not specified

       ESTTMSCHECK        (1710) tmscheck error

       ESTLINKNAME        (1711) User link name processing error

       ESTWRITABLE        (1712) User path in a non-writable directory

       ESTKILLED          (1713) aborted by kill

       ESTMEM             (1714) request too long (api)

       ESTCONF            (1715) stage configuration error


       The following error value is returned only by the sysreq package:

       ESQTMSNOTACT       (1801) TMS not active


       The following error values are returned only by the tape package:

       ETDNP              (1901) daemon not available

       ETSYS              (1902) system error

       ETPRM              (1903) bad parameter

       ETRSV              (1904) reserv already issued

       ETNDV              (1905) too many drives requested

       ETIDG              (1906) invalid device group name

       ETNRS              (1907) reserv not done

       ETIDN              (1908) no drive with requested characteristics

       ETLBL              (1909) bad label structure

       ETFSQ              (1910) bad file sequence number

       ETINTR             (1911) interrupted by user

       ETEOV              (1912) EOV found in multivolume set

       ETRLSP             (1913) release pending

       ETBLANK            (1914) blank tape

       ETCOMPA            (1915) compatibility problem

       ETHWERR            (1916) device malfunction

       ETPARIT            (1917) parity error

       ETUNREC            (1918) unrecoverable media error

       ETNOSNS            (1919) no sense

       ETRSLT             (1920) reselect server

       ETVBSY             (1921) volume busy or inaccessible

       ETDCA              (1922) drive currently assigned

       ETNRDY             (1923) drive not ready

       ETABSENT           (1924) volume absent

       ETARCH             (1925) volume archived

       ETHELD             (1926) volume held or disabled

       ETNXPD             (1927) file not expired

       ETOPAB             (1928) operator cancel

       ETVUNKN            (1929) volume unknown

       ETWLBL             (1930) wrong label type

       ETWPROT            (1931) cartridge write protected

       ETWVSN             (1932) wrong vsn

       ETBADMIR           (1933) Tape has a bad MIR


       The following error values are returned only by the volume manager package:

       EVMGRNACT          (2001) volume manager not active or service being drained


       The  following  error  values  are  returned  only  by  the volume and drive queue manager

       EVQSYERR           (2101) Failed system call

       EVQINCONSIST       (2102) Internal DB inconsistency

       EVQREPLICA         (2103) DB replication failed

       EVQNOVOL           (2104) No volume request queued

       EVQNODRV           (2105) No free drive available

       EVQNOSVOL          (2106) Specified vol. req. not found

       EVQNOSDRV          (2107) Specified drv. req. not found

       EVQALREADY         (2108) Specified vol. req. already exists

       EVQUNNOTUP         (2109) Unit not up

       EVQBADSTAT         (2110) Bad unit status request

       EVQBADID           (2111) Incorrect vol.req or job ID

       EVQBADJOBID        (2112) Incorrect job ID

       EVQNOTASS          (2113) Unit not assigned

       EVQBADVOLID        (2114) Attempt to mount with wrong VOLID

       EVQREQASS          (2115) Attempt to delete an assigned req

       EVQDGNINVL         (2116) Vol. req. for non-existing DGN

       EVQPIPEFULL        (2117) Replication pipe is full

       EVQHOLD            (2118) Server is held

       EVQEOQREACHED      (2119) End of query reached


       The following error values are returned only by  the  Remote  SCSI  media  changer  server

       ERMCNACT           (2201)  Remote  SCSI  media  changer server not active or service being

       ERMCRBTERR         (2202) Remote SCSI media changer error

       ERMCUNREC          (2203) Remote SCSI media changer unrec. error

       ERMCSLOWR          (2204) Remote SCSI media changer error (slow retry)

       ERMCFASTR          (2205) Remote SCSI media changer error (fast retry)

       ERMCDFORCE         (2206) Remote SCSI media changer error (demount force)

       ERMCDDOWN          (2207) Remote SCSI media changer error (drive down)

       ERMCOMSGN          (2208) Remote SCSI media changer error (ops message)

       ERMCOMSGS          (2209) Remote SCSI media changer error (ops message + retry)

       ERMCOMSGR          (2210) Remote SCSI media changer error (ops message + wait)

       ERMCUNLOAD         (2211) Remote SCSI media changer error (unload + demount)


       The following error values are returned only by the Monitoring package:

       EMON_SYSTEM        (2301) System error

       EMON_NO_HOST       (2302) Monitor Host not specified

       EMON_NO_PORT       (2303) Monitor Port not specified

       EMON_NO_CLIENTPORT (2304) No port for client requests defined in the configuration


       The following error values are returned only by the User Privilege Validation package:

       ECUPVNACT          (2401) UPV not active or service being drained


       The following error values are returned only by the Disk Pool Manager package:

       EDPMNACT           (2601) DPM not active or service being drained


       The following error values are returned only by the Security package:

       ESEC_SYSTEM        (2701) System error in the security package

                          (2702) Bad credentials

       ESEC_NO_CONTEXT    (2703) Could not establish context

       ESEC_BAD_MAGIC     (2704) Bad magic number

       ESEC_NO_USER       (2705) Could not map username to uid/gid

       ESEC_NO_PRINC      (2706) Could not map principal to username

       ESEC_NO_SECMECH    (2707) Could not load security mechanism

                          (2708) Context not initialized

       ESEC_PROTNOTSUPP   (2709) Security protocol not supported

       ESEC_NO_SVC_NAME   (2710) Service name not set

       ESEC_NO_SVC_TYPE   (2711) Service type not set

       ESEC_NO_SECPROT    (2712) Could not lookup security protocol

                          (2713) Csec incompatability

       ESEC_BAD_PEER_RESP (2714) Unexpected response from peer


       LCG Grid Deployment Team