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       set_config_file - Sets the configuration file. Allegro game programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       void set_config_file(const char *filename);


       Sets  the  configuration  file to be used by all subsequent config functions. If you don't
       call this function, Allegro will use the default `allegro.cfg' file, looking first in  the
       same  directory  as  your  program  and  then  in  the directory pointed to by the ALLEGRO
       environment variable and the usual platform-specific paths for  configuration  files.  For
       example it will look for `/etc/allegro.cfg' under Unix.

       All pointers returned by previous calls to get_config_string() and other related functions
       are invalidated  when  you  call  this  function!   You  can  call  this  function  before
       install_allegro() to change the configuration file, but after set_uformat() if you want to
       use a text encoding format other than the default.


       set_config_data(3alleg),     override_config_file(3alleg),      push_config_state(3alleg),
       set_uformat(3alleg),         set_config_string(3alleg),         get_config_string(3alleg),