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       Shader Classes -

       class SoVertexAttribute
           A generic node for providing GL vertex attributes of various types.
       class SoVertexAttributeBinding
           The SoVertexAttributeBinding class is a node for setting up how vertex attributes are
           mapped to shapes.
       class SoShaderObject
       class SoShaderProgram
           The SoShaderProgram class is used to specify a set of vertex/geometry/fragment

Detailed Description

       Coin-2.5 added support for Shaders. Shaders replace the fixed function vertex and fragment
       processing in OpenGL by letting the user define the processing that takes place at key
       points in the OpenGL pipeline. Vertex shaders handle the operations that occur on each
       vertex, while fragment shaders handle the operations that occur on each pixel. The
       SoShaderProgram node in Coin provides a convenient way of specifying the code for vertex
       and fragment shaders.

       Coin-3.0 expanded upon the shader support by adding support for OpenGL Vertex Attributes.
       When using shaders, programmers are no longer limited to the set of attributes that OpenGL
       defines (glColor, glNormal, glTexCoord etc.) You can now define your own per-vertex data
       and pass them to the shaders using the SoVertexAttribute node.


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