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       std::_Base_bitset< _Nw > -


   Public Types
       typedef unsigned long _WordT

   Public Member Functions
       _Base_bitset (unsigned long __val)
       size_t _M_are_all_aux () const
       void _M_do_and (const _Base_bitset< _Nw > &__x)
       size_t _M_do_count () const
       size_t _M_do_find_first (size_t __not_found) const
       size_t _M_do_find_next (size_t __prev, size_t __not_found) const
       void _M_do_flip ()
       void _M_do_left_shift (size_t __shift)
       void _M_do_or (const _Base_bitset< _Nw > &__x)
       void _M_do_reset ()
       void _M_do_right_shift (size_t __shift)
       void _M_do_set ()
       unsigned long _M_do_to_ulong () const
       void _M_do_xor (const _Base_bitset< _Nw > &__x)
       _WordT & _M_getword (size_t __pos)
       _WordT _M_getword (size_t __pos) const
       _WordT & _M_hiword ()
       _WordT _M_hiword () const
       bool _M_is_any () const
       bool _M_is_equal (const _Base_bitset< _Nw > &__x) const

   Static Public Member Functions
       static _WordT _S_maskbit (size_t __pos)
       static size_t _S_whichbit (size_t __pos)
       static size_t _S_whichbyte (size_t __pos)
       static size_t _S_whichword (size_t __pos)

   Public Attributes
       _WordT _M_w [_Nw]

Detailed Description

   template<size_t _Nw>struct std::_Base_bitset< _Nw >
       Base class, general case. It is a class invariant that _Nw will be nonnegative.

       See documentation for bitset.

       Definition at line 69 of file bitset.

Member Data Documentation

   template<size_t _Nw> _WordT std::_Base_bitset< _Nw >::_M_w[_Nw]
       0 is the least significant word.

       Definition at line 74 of file bitset.


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