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       std::exception -


       Inherited by __gnu_cxx::__concurrence_broadcast_error,
       __gnu_cxx::__concurrence_lock_error, __gnu_cxx::__concurrence_unlock_error,
       __gnu_cxx::__concurrence_wait_error, __gnu_cxx::forced_exception_error, std::bad_alloc,
       std::bad_cast, std::bad_exception, std::bad_function_call, std::bad_typeid,
       std::bad_weak_ptr, std::ios_base::failure, std::lock_error, std::logic_error, and

   Public Member Functions
       virtual const char * what () const   throw ()

Detailed Description

       Base class for all library exceptions.

       This is the base class for all exceptions thrown by the standard library, and by certain
       language expressions. You are free to derive your own exception classes, or use a
       different hierarchy, or to throw non-class data (e.g., fundamental types).

       Definition at line 59 of file exception.

Member Function Documentation

   virtual const char* std::exception::what () const  throw () [virtual] Returns a C-style
       character string describing the general cause of the current error.
       Reimplemented in std::lock_error, std::ios_base::failure, std::bad_typeid, std::bad_cast,
       std::runtime_error, std::bad_exception, std::logic_error, and std::bad_alloc.


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