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       std::gamma_distribution< _RealType > -


   Public Types
       typedef _RealType input_type
       typedef _RealType result_type

   Public Member Functions
       _RealType alpha () const
       gamma_distribution (const result_type &__alpha_val=result_type(1))
       template<class _UniformRandomNumberGenerator > result_type operator()
           (_UniformRandomNumberGenerator &__urng)
       void reset ()

       template<typename _RealType1 , typename _CharT , typename _Traits > std::basic_ostream<
           _Traits > & operator<< (std::basic_ostream< _CharT, _Traits > &__os, const
           gamma_distribution< _RealType1 > &__x)"
       template<typename _CharT , typename _Traits > std::basic_istream< _CharT,
           _Traits > & operator>> (std::basic_istream< _CharT, _Traits > &__is,
           gamma_distribution &__x)"

Detailed Description

   template<typename _RealType = double>class std::gamma_distribution< _RealType >
       A gamma continuous distribution for random numbers.

       The formula for the gamma probability mass function is $ p(x) = ac{1}{Gamma(lpha)} x^{lpha
       - 1} e^{-x} $.

       Definition at line 2320 of file tr1_impl/random.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   template<typename _RealType = double> std::gamma_distribution< _RealType >::gamma_distribution
       (const result_type &__alpha_val = result_type(1)) [inline, explicit] Constructs a gamma
       distribution with parameters $ ...lpha $.
       Definition at line 2332 of file tr1_impl/random.

Member Function Documentation

   template<typename _RealType = double> _RealType std::gamma_distribution< _RealType >::alpha ()
       const [inline] Gets the $ .....lpha $ of the distribution.
       Definition at line 2343 of file tr1_impl/random.

   template<typename _RealType > template<class _UniformRandomNumberGenerator >
       gamma_distribution< _RealType >::result_type std::gamma_distribution< _RealType
       >::operator() (_UniformRandomNumberGenerator &__urng) Cheng's rejection algorithm GB for
       alpha >= 1 and a modification of Vaduva's rejection from Weibull algorithm due to Devroye
       for alpha < 1.
       References: Cheng, R. C. 'The Generation of Gamma Random Variables with Non-integral
        Shape Parameter.' Applied Statistics, 26, 71-75, 1977.

       Vaduva, I. 'Computer Generation of Gamma Gandom Variables by Rejection
        and Composition Procedures.' Math. Operationsforschung and Statistik, Series in
       Statistics, 8, 545-576, 1977.

       Devroye, L. 'Non-Uniform Random Variates Generation.' Springer-Verlag, New York, 1986, Ch.
       IX, Sect. 3.4 (+ Errata!).

       Definition at line 1501 of file random.tcc.

       References std::exp(), std::log(), and std::pow().

   template<typename _RealType = double> void std::gamma_distribution< _RealType >::reset ()
       [inline] Resets the distribution.
       Definition at line 2350 of file tr1_impl/random.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

   template<typename _RealType = double> template<typename _RealType1 , typename _CharT ,
       typename _Traits > std::basic_ostream<_CharT, _Traits>& operator<< (std::basic_ostream<
       _CharT, _Traits > &__os, const gamma_distribution< _RealType1 > &__x) [friend] Inserts a
       gamma_distribution random number distribution __x into the output stream __os.
           __os An output stream.
           __x A gamma_distribution random number distribution.

           The output stream with the state of __x inserted or in an error state.

   template<typename _RealType = double> template<typename _CharT , typename _Traits >
       std::basic_istream<_CharT, _Traits>& operator>> (std::basic_istream< _CharT, _Traits >
       &__is, gamma_distribution< _RealType > &__x) [friend] Extracts a gamma_distribution random
       number distribution __x from the input stream __is.
           __is An input stream.
           __x A gamma_distribution random number generator engine.

           The input stream with __x extracted or in an error state.

       Definition at line 2382 of file tr1_impl/random.


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