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       std::unordered_multimap< _Key, _Tp, _Hash, _Pred, _Alloc > -


       Inherits std::__unordered_multimap< _Key, _Tp, _Hash, _Pred, _Alloc, __cache_hash_code >.

   Public Types
       typedef _Base::allocator_type allocator_type
           < value_type,
           __cache_hash_code > const_iterator"
           < value_type,
           __cache_hash_code > const_local_iterator"
       typedef _Allocator::const_pointer const_pointer
       typedef _Allocator::const_reference const_reference
       typedef _Allocator::difference_type difference_type
       typedef _Base::hasher hasher
           < value_type,
           __cache_hash_code > iterator"
       typedef _Base::key_equal key_equal
       typedef _Key key_type
           < value_type,
           __cache_hash_code > local_iterator"
       typedef _Allocator::pointer pointer
       typedef _Allocator::reference reference
       typedef _Base::size_type size_type
       typedef _Base::value_type value_type

   Public Member Functions
       const _RehashPolicy & __rehash_policy () const
       void __rehash_policy (const _RehashPolicy &)
       _Value_allocator_type _M_get_Value_allocator () const
       iterator begin ()
       const_iterator begin () const
       local_iterator begin (size_type __n)
       const_local_iterator begin (size_type __n) const
       size_type bucket (const key_type &__k) const
       size_type bucket_count () const
       size_type bucket_size (size_type __n) const
       const_iterator cbegin () const
       const_local_iterator cbegin (size_type __n) const
       const_iterator cend () const
       const_local_iterator cend (size_type) const
       void clear ()
       size_type count (const key_type &__k) const
       bool empty () const
       iterator end ()
       const_iterator end () const
       local_iterator end (size_type)
       const_local_iterator end (size_type) const
       std::pair< iterator, iterator > equal_range (const key_type &__k)
       std::pair< const_iterator,
           const_iterator > equal_range (const key_type &__k) const "
       iterator erase (iterator)
       const_iterator erase (const_iterator)
       size_type erase (const key_type &)
       iterator erase (iterator, iterator)
       const_iterator erase (const_iterator, const_iterator)
       iterator find (const key_type &__k)
       const_iterator find (const key_type &__k) const
       allocator_type get_allocator () const
       _Insert_Return_Type insert (const value_type &__v)
       iterator insert (iterator, const value_type &__v)
       const_iterator insert (const_iterator, const value_type &__v)
       template<typename _InputIterator > void insert (_InputIterator __first, _InputIterator
       void insert (initializer_list< value_type > __l)
       key_equal key_eq () const
       float load_factor () const
       size_type max_bucket_count () const
       size_type max_size () const
       unordered_multimap & operator= (unordered_multimap &&__x)
       unordered_multimap & operator= (initializer_list< value_type > __l)
       void rehash (size_type __n)
       size_type size () const
       void swap (_Hashtable &&)
       unordered_multimap (size_type __n=10, const hasher &__hf=hasher(), const key_equal
           &__eql=key_equal(), const allocator_type &__a=allocator_type())
       template<typename _InputIterator > unordered_multimap (_InputIterator __f, _InputIterator
           __l, typename _Base::size_type __n=0, const hasher &__hf=hasher(), const key_equal
           &__eql=key_equal(), const allocator_type &__a=allocator_type())
       unordered_multimap (unordered_multimap &&__x)
       unordered_multimap (initializer_list< value_type > __l, size_type __n=10, const hasher
           &__hf=hasher(), const key_equal &__eql=key_equal(), const allocator_type

       struct __detail::_Map_base

Detailed Description

   template<class _Key, class _Tp, class _Hash = hash<_Key>, class _Pred = std::equal_to<_Key>,
       class _Alloc = std::allocator<std::pair<const _Key, _Tp> >>class std::unordered_multimap<
       _Key, _Tp, _Hash, _Pred, _Alloc >
       A standard container composed of equivalent keys (possibly containing multiple of each key
       value) that associates values of another type with the keys.

       Meets the requirements of a container, and unordered associative container

           Key Type of key objects.
           Tp Type of mapped objects.
           Hash Hashing function object type, defaults to hash<Value>.
           Pred Predicate function object type, defaults to equal_to<Value>.
           Alloc Allocator type, defaults to allocator<Key>.

       The resulting value type of the container is std::pair<const Key, Tp>.

       Definition at line 270 of file tr1_impl/unordered_map.


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