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       std::_Fwd_list_node< _Tp > -


       Inherits std::_Fwd_list_node_base.

   Public Member Functions
       template<typename... _Args> _Fwd_list_node (_Args &&...__args)
       void _M_reverse_after ()
       _Fwd_list_node_base * _M_transfer_after (_Fwd_list_node_base *__begin)
       _Fwd_list_node_base * _M_transfer_after (_Fwd_list_node_base *__begin, _Fwd_list_node_base

   Static Public Member Functions
       static void swap (_Fwd_list_node_base &__x, _Fwd_list_node_base &__y)

   Public Attributes
       _Fwd_list_node_base * _M_next
       _Tp _M_value

Detailed Description

   template<typename _Tp>struct std::_Fwd_list_node< _Tp >
       A helper node class for forward_list. This is just a linked list with a data value in each
       node. There is a sorting utility method.

       Definition at line 101 of file forward_list.h.


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