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       std::bernoulli_distribution -


       struct param_type

   Public Types
       typedef bool result_type

   Public Member Functions
       bernoulli_distribution (double __p=0.5)
       bernoulli_distribution (const param_type &__p)
       result_type max () const
       result_type min () const
       template<typename _UniformRandomNumberGenerator > result_type operator()
           (_UniformRandomNumberGenerator &__urng)
       template<typename _UniformRandomNumberGenerator > result_type operator()
           (_UniformRandomNumberGenerator &__urng, const param_type &__p)
       double p () const
       param_type param () const
       void param (const param_type &__param)
       void reset ()

Detailed Description

       A Bernoulli random number distribution.

       Generates a sequence of true and false values with likelihood $p$ that true will come up
       and $(1 - p)$ that false will appear.

       Definition at line 3240 of file random.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

   typedef bool std::bernoulli_distribution::result_type The type of the range of the
       Definition at line 3244 of file random.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   std::bernoulli_distribution::bernoulli_distribution (double__p = 0.5) [inline, explicit]
       Constructs a Bernoulli distribution with likelihood p. Parameters:
           __p [IN] The likelihood of a true result being returned. Must be in the interval $[0,

       Definition at line 3277 of file random.h.

Member Function Documentation

   result_type std::bernoulli_distribution::max () const [inline]
       Returns the least upper bound value of the distribution.

       Definition at line 3327 of file random.h.

   result_type std::bernoulli_distribution::min () const [inline]
       Returns the greatest lower bound value of the distribution.

       Definition at line 3320 of file random.h.

   template<typename _UniformRandomNumberGenerator > result_type
       std::bernoulli_distribution::operator() (_UniformRandomNumberGenerator &__urng) [inline]
       Generating functions.

       Definition at line 3335 of file random.h.

       References operator()(), and param().

       Referenced by operator()().

   double std::bernoulli_distribution::p () const [inline]
       Returns the p parameter of the distribution.

       Definition at line 3298 of file random.h.

   param_type std::bernoulli_distribution::param () const [inline]
       Returns the parameter set of the distribution.

       Definition at line 3305 of file random.h.

       Referenced by operator()(), std::operator==(), and std::operator>>().

   void std::bernoulli_distribution::param (const param_type &__param) [inline]
       Sets the parameter set of the distribution. Parameters:
           __param The new parameter set of the distribution.

       Definition at line 3313 of file random.h.

   void std::bernoulli_distribution::reset () [inline]
       Resets the distribution state. Does nothing for a Bernoulli distribution.

       Definition at line 3292 of file random.h.


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