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       std::gslice -


   Public Member Functions
       gslice ()
       gslice (size_t, const valarray< size_t > &, const valarray< size_t > &)
       gslice (const gslice &)
       ~gslice ()
       gslice & operator= (const gslice &)
       valarray< size_t > size () const
       size_t start () const
       valarray< size_t > stride () const

       class valarray

Detailed Description

       Class defining multi-dimensional subset of an array.

       The slice class represents a multi-dimensional subset of an array, specified by three
       parameter sets: start offset, size array, and stride array. The start offset is the index
       of the first element of the array that is part of the subset. The size and stride array
       describe each dimension of the slice. Size is the number of elements in that dimension,
       and stride is the distance in the array between successive elements in that dimension.
       Each dimension's size and stride is taken to begin at an array element described by the
       previous dimension. The size array and stride array must be the same size.

       For example, if you have offset==3, stride[0]==11, size[1]==3, stride[1]==3, then
       slice[0,0]==array[3], slice[0,1]==array[6], slice[0,2]==array[9], slice[1,0]==array[14],
       slice[1,1]==array[17], slice[1,2]==array[20].

       Definition at line 63 of file gslice.h.


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