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       std::locale::id -


   Public Member Functions
       id ()
       size_t _M_id () const   throw ()

       template<typename _Facet > bool has_facet (const locale &)  throw ()
       class locale
       class locale::_Impl
       template<typename _Facet > const _Facet & use_facet (const locale &)

Detailed Description

       Facet ID class.

       The ID class provides facets with an index used to identify them. Every facet class must
       define a public static member locale::id, or be derived from a facet that provides this
       member, otherwise the facet cannot be used in a locale. The locale::id ensures that each
       class type gets a unique identifier.

       Definition at line 432 of file locale_classes.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   std::locale::id::id () [inline]

       Definition at line 463 of file locale_classes.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

   template<typename _Facet > bool has_facet (const locale &)  throw () [friend]
       Test for the presence of a facet. has_facet tests the locale argument for the presence of
       the facet type provided as the template parameter. Facets derived from the facet parameter
       will also return true.

           Facet The facet type to test the presence of.
           locale The locale to test.

           true if locale contains a facet of type Facet, else false.

   template<typename _Facet > const _Facet& use_facet (const locale &) [friend]
       Return a facet. use_facet looks for and returns a reference to a facet of type Facet where
       Facet is the template parameter. If has_facet(locale) is true, there is a suitable facet
       to return. It throws std::bad_cast if the locale doesn't contain a facet of type Facet.

           Facet The facet type to access.
           locale The locale to use.

           Reference to facet of type Facet.

           std::bad_cast if locale doesn't contain a facet of type Facet.


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