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       std::seed_seq -


   Public Types
       typedef uint_least32_t result_type

   Public Member Functions
       seed_seq ()
       template<typename _IntType > seed_seq (std::initializer_list< _IntType > il)
       template<typename _InputIterator > seed_seq (_InputIterator __begin, _InputIterator __end)
       template<typename _RandomAccessIterator > void generate (_RandomAccessIterator __begin,
           _RandomAccessIterator __end)
       template<typename OutputIterator > void param (OutputIterator __dest) const
       size_t size () const

Detailed Description

       The seed_seq class generates sequences of seeds for random number generators.

       Definition at line 5300 of file random.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

   typedef uint_least32_t std::seed_seq::result_type The type of the seed vales.
       Definition at line 5305 of file random.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   std::seed_seq::seed_seq () [inline] Default constructor.
       Definition at line 5308 of file random.h.


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