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       std::unique_ptr< _Tp, _Tp_Deleter > -


   Public Types
       typedef _Tp_Deleter deleter_type
       typedef _Tp element_type
       typedef _Tp * pointer

   Public Member Functions
       unique_ptr (pointer __p)
       unique_ptr (pointer __p, typename std::conditional< std::is_reference< deleter_type
           >::value, deleter_type, const deleter_type & >::type __d)
       unique_ptr (pointer __p, typename std::remove_reference< deleter_type >::type &&__d)
       unique_ptr (unique_ptr &&__u)
       template<typename _Up , typename _Up_Deleter > unique_ptr (unique_ptr< _Up, _Up_Deleter >
       unique_ptr (const unique_ptr &)
       pointer get () const
       deleter_type & get_deleter ()
       const deleter_type & get_deleter () const
       operator bool () const
           < element_type >::type operator* () const "
       pointer operator-> () const
       unique_ptr & operator= (unique_ptr &&__u)
       template<typename _Up , typename _Up_Deleter > unique_ptr & operator= (unique_ptr< _Up,
           _Up_Deleter > &&__u)
       unique_ptr & operator= (__unspecified_pointer_type)
       unique_ptr & operator= (const unique_ptr &)
       pointer release ()
       void reset (pointer __p=pointer())
       void swap (unique_ptr &__u)

Detailed Description

   template<typename _Tp, typename _Tp_Deleter = default_delete<_Tp>>class std::unique_ptr< _Tp,
       _Tp_Deleter > unique_ptr for single objects.

       Definition at line 81 of file unique_ptr.h.


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